mobile marketing, mobile app marketing

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips

- Updated March 12, 2018


mobile marketing, mobile app marketing


Mobile marketing is marketing adopted to the needs of mobile users. The greatest scale in the Internet era has appeared due to the usage of mobiles and smart phones. People use the Internet on the go, and all of the apps which appeared created a whole new (but also integrated) mobile world. There are apps for absolutely everything: from distance trackers, to flower detectors, the web is saturated with them. So, in this blog post we provide you with some tips on how to make your app more attractive for its potential users with some mobile app marketing tricks.

  1. Research: Before placing your app somewhere, research on your competitors and your target audience. See what’s working for them, and what’s not. Do they have an ordinary, or exclusive approach on their marketing strategy? How did they get this far on the search engines, what keywords did they use?
  2. Customers: Make sure you know your target audience. The audience is your strarting point. Demographics and psychographics are important. What is their age, gender, marital status? Also, make sure you know what kind of need are you satisfying? Are you solving some of their problems? Understand them so that you can better serve them.
  3. Advertise: Also, your app should be everywhere: Don’t just rely on app stores. Your app can be discovered through many scources. The search engines should be your starting destination, you can use APP Indexing for that matter. Aside from that, you can use PPC advertising to get better positioning on the search engines, use youtube ads etc. use your imagination.
  4. Appearance: There are many aspects of your ap appearance your should worry about. Here are most of them explained.
    Choose the app name carefully. It should be short, consistent and impose some picture in people’s minds when they hear it. It should say something about the context of your app. So, don’t mess it up.
    Make the app icon memorable: The app icon should be attractive, easy to remember and scalable. Just like a company logo. Choose the right colors and don’t make it too complicated. Less Is more, remember?
    Public appearance: First impressions matter. You attract visitors with visual appearance. So make sure you post the perfect app screenshots. Also, make your app descriptions attractive and easy to understand. Inspire curiosity.
  5. App stores: Post your app on the app stores: There are many stores you can use, such as: Google play, IOS app store, Windows phone, Blackberry world. Also, do not forget about Product Hunt. You may find some interesting ways to increase your app awareness using the platform’s influencers.
  6. Reengage: Mobile apps, as similar to desktop applications, should be dynamic and continuously evolving. Upgrade your app so that you can be up-to-date with your users’ needs. An effective way to do this is by their feedback. Not only read it, but also use it like an inspiration for future app improvements, otherwise they’ll loose interest easily after a period of time.
  7. Go viral: Inspire people to share your app. Word of mouth is the most popular technique in marketing, so spice it up a little. Ask people to share your app with three friends to get it for free, or post creative pictures on social media so that thye can tag their friends.
  8. Design: As we said earlier-first impressions count. Users first get in touch with design, not performances. So, as important as both are, make sure you have an app with great technical performances, but also friendly user interface and well organized for enhanced user experience.
  9. Price: Do not set the price too high. Or at least, if you do, give a free trial. Nobody wants to pay for a product which quality is unknown, or suspicious. If you can afford it, set prices like $1.99, or give free downloads of the app, and set affordable prices on the future upgrades, premium versions etc.
  10. Mobile and desktop apps: Mobile and desktop apps should have a different approach in marketing. Customers input much more information on their mobile phones as opposed to desktop applications. Make sure you enable them so use other account to enter the app, and not just create a special account for it. Integrate Facebook, Google+ logins so you can make it easier for them to access and use the app.


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