How to build a winning business model

    Business model is the conceptualization of how different, independent business activities work together as a whole. It is the way to create, deliver and capture value from your customers. Many companies face problems defining their business models. And this is where tools like business model canvas can help. We’ll explain it in details, […]

business analysis, business analyst

Get closer to user needs using business analysis

    Business analysis is a practice of understanding user needs and providing the proper solution to meet those needs. The person that enables that change process to happen is called a business analyst.   What does a business analyst do? In order to meet user needs, a business analyst first uses elicitation tool and techniques to […]

machine learning, machine learning technology, MI

Why Machine Learning is the new technology breakthrough

    Machine learning is a process where computer algorithms find patterns in data, and then predict probable outcomes of that data. It provides computers with the ability to learn through past data and change when exposed to new data, without additional programming. Machine learning programs build a model from sample inputs and then predict the outputs of […]

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