Why lean startup is the right choice

    The lean startup approach supports incremental organizational changes, in order to achieve long term company success. Here’s how this concept’s principles can help startups grow their business.   Do not chase perfection. Many entrepreneurs postpone the production date of software products. That’s wrong, and here’s why. Traditional approach says that everything has to […]

technology trends

8 technology trends each tech-lover should understand

    Technology trends are changing fast, so it’s hard to keep track on all the new ones rising with each day. They changed from plain data analytics, to machine learning, and from smart phones, to smart cities. Innovation is the key to success in today’s business environment. Also, boundaries between what’s real and what’s […]

mobile marketing, mobile app marketing

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips

    Mobile marketing is marketing adopted to the needs of mobile users. The greatest scale in the Internet era has appeared due to the usage of mobiles and smart phones. People use the Internet on the go, and all of the apps which appeared created a whole new (but also integrated) mobile world. There […]

business analysis, business analyst

Get closer to user needs using business analysis

    Business analysis is a practice of understanding user needs and providing the proper solution to meet those needs. The person that enables that change process to happen is called a business analyst.   What does a business analyst do? In order to meet user needs, a business analyst first uses elicitation tool and techniques to […]

business website, how to create a business website

How to create a strong business website

    A business website has a huge impact on how a customer perceives a company. A great business website, requires detailed planning from the very beginning. In this blog post, we explain you the phases of the website development process. We also, provide you with some tips to create a powerful web presence.   PHASES OF […]

devops, business, information technology

How DevOps bridge the gap between business and IT

    DevOps is a complementary methodology to agile software development. It showcases the combination of IT development and business operations. Some refer to DevOps as a culture, because it is not a specific concept, but more a collaboration between the IT and operational department. DevOps reinforce the working relationship between programmers and business people, […]

blockchain technology, blockchain

Why blockchain is the next disruption technology?

What is Blockchain? Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger running on every single computer in the network. The ledger keeps the records in a decentralized database. In the past, banks played the roll of a centralized database. While now, with blockchain, there are many replicated databases synchronized within the globally disrupted network. There are two […]

ERP systems, ERP

Why companies need ERP systems?

    ERP systems are a management software system which integrate all business functions into one application. The system uses a single database, using a single data entry. Therefore, ERP systems standardize business processes, minimize human error and also, eliminate the time lags to enter data from one system to another. Contrary to legacy systems which […]

growth hacking, growth hasks

Growth Hacks to grow your startup

    Growth hacking is a term people often mislead in meaning. While very close to marketing, growth hacking has a different ideology in mind. It is especially valuable to startups with limited budgets which want to use marketing in creative ways to get closer to their potential customers and have sustainable growth. Growth hacking […]

social media advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising

Social Media Advertising on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Every company needs to use social media advertising tools to grow the business. Social media are becoming more influential with each day, providing businesses with various marketing practices to establish and maintain their brand identities. In this article we explain you the concepts of Twitter and LinkedIn advertising, so you can start using your […]

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