Marketing pricing & how to master it

    The importance of pricing: Setting the right pricing is a process that depends on may factors. Companies have to play strategically, when setting the price for their products. When determining marketing pricing, they have to put the perceived value of the customers about the product in terms of money. Therefore, pricing should be […]

How to choose the right software for your business

    The success of how one information system operates in a specific business depends on different factors. There are many types of businesses and information systems. In this article we make a overview on all the factors to consider, in order to choose the right software for your business.   Business components Business profile […]

Why lean startup is the right choice

    The lean startup approach supports incremental organizational changes, in order to achieve long term company success. Here’s how this concept’s principles can help startups grow their business.   Do not chase perfection. Many entrepreneurs postpone the production date of software products. That’s wrong, and here’s why. Traditional approach says that everything has to […]

technology trends

8 technology trends each tech-lover should understand

    Technology trends are changing fast, so it’s hard to keep track on all the new ones rising with each day. They changed from plain data analytics, to machine learning, and from smart phones, to smart cities. Innovation is the key to success in today’s business environment. Also, boundaries between what’s real and what’s […]

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