blockchain technology, blockchain

Why blockchain is the next disruption technology?

What is Blockchain? Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger running on every single computer in the network. The ledger keeps the records in a decentralized database. In the past, banks played the roll of a centralized database. While now, with blockchain, there are many replicated databases synchronized within the globally disrupted network. There are two […]

ERP systems, ERP

Why companies need ERP systems?

    ERP systems are a management software system which integrate all business functions into one application. The system uses a single database, using a single data entry. Therefore, ERP systems standardize business processes, minimize human error and also, eliminate the time lags to enter data from one system to another. Contrary to legacy systems which […]

growth hacking, growth hasks

Growth Hacks to grow your startup

    Growth hacking is a term people often mislead in meaning. While very close to marketing, growth hacking has a different ideology in mind. It is especially valuable to startups with limited budgets which want to use marketing in creative ways to get closer to their potential customers and have sustainable growth. Growth hacking […]

social media advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising

Social Media Advertising on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Every company needs to use social media advertising tools to grow the business. Social media are becoming more influential with each day, providing businesses with various marketing practices to establish and maintain their brand identities. In this article we explain you the concepts of Twitter and LinkedIn advertising, so you can start using your […]

business IT alignment, business and IT

Use technology to achieve your business objectives

    Organizational business IT alignment is a cohesive process where all the  organizational are performing activities focused on achieving the overall strategic goal. Different functions around the organization (marketing, sales, production…) should work and collaborate together. Organizational silos should be far behind the modern principles of the organizational structure. In this blog post, we […]

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