Month: October 2016
use case analysis

How to do a use case analysis the right way

Organizations applying traditional system development techniques use business scenarios to describe user interactions with the system. Consequently, organizations applying object-oriented techniques in software development create use cases. Use case analysis explain the interaction between the user and the system in order to accomplish the user’s task.…

meet user needs, user requirements

Five elicitation techniques to meet user needs

The user always comes first. In software development, user requirements are objectives the software product has to achieve. That’s why, each company should at first do a quality business analysis in order to meet user needs. The business analyst plays the role of a detective here, identifying…

white paper

How to write a white paper in 3 steps

What is a white paper? A white paper is an informational document used by companies to promote, or highlight the features of its solution, product or service. “Content marketing leaders experience 7X8 times more site traffic than non-leaders.” Here’s how to write a white paper that speaks…