google adwords techniques

Advanced Google AdWords techniques to grow your website traffic

    If you’re already familiar with how Google AdWords works, here are some advanced Google AdWords techniques to grow your website traffic. Everyone loves a good sale Put in some sales and set the ending date. The conversion rates of the ads increase the closer you get to the end of a sale, because […]

make money from your website, Google AdSense

Make money from your website with Google AdSense

    Google AdSense  gives you the possibility to make money from your website, by placing ads on it. If you’re already familiar the Google AdWords concept, then you probably know how the search engines work. With AdWords, advertisers pay money to place ads on the search engine sand on the Google display network. Additionally, AdSense makes […]

automated e-mail marketing

Automated e-mail marketing campaign in 3 easy steps

    Automated e-mail marketing is the ability to build personalized e-mail marketing campaigns based on individual digital actions. Before you start your automated e-mail marketing campaign, first ask yourself: What’s the main GOAL of this campaign? Here’s a little help on that: What action(s) do you want your subscribers to take? Why should your subscribers […]

employee compensation

2 steps on how to determine employee compensation if you’re a startup

    Making an employee feel valued is a hard objective to achieve. Companies, especially startups, often struggle with motivation problems when it comes to employee compensation and money issues. It is a common situation for employees to feel undervalued, just because of miscalculation in “how much their worth is”. When determining how much you […]

employee engagement, human reources

Human resources: How employee engagement really works

    The digital environment is agile and moves fast. So, it is quite challenging for businesses to attract, choose and keep the right people for the company. Fluctuations are a part of the daily business issues. That problem is especially highlighted in the IT sector, and it is much intense in the startup environment. Today […]

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