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Marketing Analytics: Measure the past to optimize the future

    Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, organizing and analyzing marketing performance “Companies in the top 3rd of their industry in the use of data driven decision making are on average 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.”   Numbers can tell Analytics serve companies as a decision-making tool. Analysts, […]

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Web development trends for 2016

    Web development is a term that describes the development of applications for the Internet. So, today we present you the web development trends for 2016. We’ll talk about both, design and non-design elements.   Real-time is everywhere Real-time analytics are a tool that measures customer behavior on the Internet. It is especially significant in Social media […]

real-time bidding, digital marketing

Real-time bidding is the new prime time

    Real-time bidding (RTB) refers to the auction based model of online trading, happening in real-time. If you are a digital marketer, then you probably use real-time bidding around, a lot. Traditionally, in display advertising, advertisers had to negotiate with publishers, in order to buy ad space. Real-time bidding provides advertisers with more effective ad placement which […]

Google Adwords, search advertising

Search advertising: Beginner’s guide to Google AdWords

    “Search advertising generates 95% of Google’s revenue.” Impressive, right? Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google, meant for businesses to display their ads on the Google search engine and its display network. With this service, you target your ads to the right audience, for a specific budget. That way, you only get charged […]

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The benefits of web analytics and why you should use them

    Customer behavior changes rapidly. Therefore, marketers face a challenging environment, when observing customer behavior online. With the help of analytics, they can get closer to meeting customers needs. Traditionally, in physical stores, companies observed customers and got their direct feedback. On the contrary, web analytics give you numbers and statistics that show you what’s […]

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