There is no failed startup, just owners that give up too soon: How to build a successful startup?

To build a successful startup is not an easy job to do. Nobody made multimillion business overnight, everyone has at least few attempts before he or she done the job right. The most important thing that people should know is that there is no failed startup, there are just owners (leaders) that give up too […]

10 Trends That are changing SEO in 2018

SEO trends are an ever-changing phenomenon that keeps evolving just like all other areas in the digital world. With more than 200 factors that influence Google’s algorithm, SEO has certainly become a complex science. Even more, Google’s algorithm constantly changes and more often than not, SEO practices that once dominated the industry become irrelevant within […]

How technology is changing marketing

How Technology is Changing Digital Marketing in 2018

How technology is changing marketing in the modern era? One of the main things we learned from 2017 was that customer engagement and trust are becoming key aspects of digital marketing. Smart companies are already using consumer experience as a foundation of their strategies in attempts to create a more dynamic level of personalized engagement […]

How to test your software without hiring QA testers

    The importance of QA in software development Is undeniable. There comes a time in each software development life cycle where we have to make sure it works the way we intended to. A software development project isn’t a “one-man show”. Instead, there most commonly are at least 3-4 developers involved. All of them […]

10 things we’ve learned about Google AdWords that nobody told us

    Device targeting isn’t as obvious to setup, as it sounds. Google has made it quite difficult to manage device targeting. As you make your campaigns, you are no longer allowed with the possibility to set the devices you want your ads to be displayed to. So, in order to exclude, or include specific […]

4 Major Impacts Of IT In Healthcare

    Technology advances make our lives easier in many ways. Some of the most important ones, are the advances of technology in healthcare. Through the combination of technology and human intervention, processes in medicine are faster and doctors can bring better decisions with less human error. Changes technology brings to medicine require years of […]

How to build a winning business model

    Business model is the conceptualization of how different, independent business activities work together as a whole. It is the way to create, deliver and capture value from your customers. Many companies face problems defining their business models. And this is where tools like business model canvas can help. We’ll explain it in details, […]

How to structure a software development team

    The software development team is a unity of creative individuals working together to satisfy user needs. Traditionally, software developers worked in silo environment, worrying only about the technical part of the development process. But, user needs change rapidly, which is why most software development companies rely on agile methodologies to keep up the pace. […]

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